Address:   1733 Parkside Lane
Phoenix, AZ 85027
Main Phone:   800-531-2221
Main Fax:   623-780-0444
Overview:   Accutron, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of innovative conscious sedation equipment and accessories. For over forty-five years the company's single focus has been to design and manufacture high quality sedation products that assist dental practitioners in relaxing their patients and making their dental visit a comfortable experience. Functionally, Accutron sedation systems are built around three basic principles - efficacy, safety and asepsis. Both portable and central system flowmeters are manfactured at the company's facility in Phoenix, Arizona, as well as equipment and accessories that support them. Aesthetically, every Accutron system is designed to integrate harmoniously in a wide variety of dental office environments. Accutron is also the only manufacturer to offer a broad selection of brightly colored, scented (and unscented) single-use nasal hoods. To protect both patients and practitioners, scavenging circuits, nasal hoods and all other rubber goods are manufactured of latex-free materials. All Accutron products are made in the USA.