Sirona Dental Systems, LLC

Address:   4835 Sirona Dr, Ste 100
Charlotte, NC 28273
Main Phone:   800-659-5977
Main Fax:   800-587-9394
Overview:   For more than 130 years, Sirona has made dental technology with "first-to-market" solutions for dental practices, clinics, and laboratories. Sirona believes in providing dental practitioners with the tools they need to position them for success and remain at the forefront of innovation. Different markets have different needs, which is why Sirona products are manufactured with features and functions tailor-made to suit each market's individual requirements. Sirona's current product lines are organized into four segments: 1. Dental CAD/CAM Systems (CEREC & inLab) 2. Imaging systems 3. Instruments 4. Treatment Centers and Cabinetry Continuing investment in research and development (R&D) ensures that Sirona remains the industry leader in dental innovation and quality applications. Sirona means solutions for dental practices, large clinics,and laboratories. Our focus on continuous improvement, supported by one of the largest R&D organizations, provides customers with the ultimate in dental products and services now and well into the future.